Block paving is a common, and extremely simple method used to create pavements.

It is also known as brick paving, as it is typically made from clay, concrete or recycled materials such as crushed glass and old rubble. The materials used are porous, which means they are more environmentally sustainable, as they will provide you with better drainage, by absorbing rainwater and stopping it from building up on your driveway. It is a common material used at airports, due to its durability. With block paving, you can guarantee it won’t suffer from as much wear and tear as other materials.

Benefits of block paving

Block paving is popular on many driveways because it can be quite decorative. The bricks can be laid in a variety of ways to achieve different shapes and patterns. It can also come in a selection of attractive colours and form strong bonds.

The great thing about block paving is that it is low maintenance, and it is easy to replace if it is damaged. Due to the layout of the bricks, individual bricks can be lifted and replaced when necessary, which can save time and money. Their surface is much better at withstanding weather conditions and does not fade as easily as other surfaces.

Block paving is a great way to add value to your property, enhance the look of your driveway, and provide you with a customised look outside your property.

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