With many homeowners looking to turn their picture-perfect image driveway into a reality, you are not alone if you want to improve your home with a new driveway. But it is essential to choose the ideal material for your driveway to avoid any disappointment. If you want to use imprinted block concrete for your pavement, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pros Of An Imprinted Block Concrete

Imprinted block concrete is a popular choice due to its superb finish and image. Perhaps its most significant advantage is the capacity to quickly cover enormous land areas. Imprinted block concrete can offer as many designs as other alternatives, but the final results may not have the right aesthetic appeal if pattern mats are not properly aligned.

Cons Of An Imprinted Block Concrete

The major disadvantage of imprinted concrete is that it is prone to cracking and can become problematic when left unattended. Because imprinted block concrete is not-permeable, you should give more thought to drainage.

Other Considerations

Your driveway will not meet the regulatory requirement without adequate drainage. And you may have to rip out the block concrete if you need to carry out any underground service before re-patching again.

If your driveway has heavy traffic, it can be useful to apply the sealant used for the imprinted block concrete at least every two years. Your driveways will require regular maintenance service if you don’t use the most durable material. The sealant can be slippery during cold temperatures, which can pose a hazard to both kids and adults.
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